Why Can't I Lose Weight?

I read this article that said the typical symptoms of stress are eating too much, drinking too much, impulse buying, and driving too fast. Are they kidding? That is my idea of a perfect day. (unknown author)

If we are not losing weight by dieting, then, how else can we lose it? Here are some surprising advice that will make a difference.  Start by following these three simple steps.


"a moment on the lips, forever on the hips"

Get Out Your Pen and Paper

1. Set Goals 

Set a realistic goal. Figure out how many pounds you would like to lose each week and at what point in the future you will reach what weight. In other words, if you weigh 200 pounds, subtract your goal weight from your current weight. If your losing weight goal is 150 pounds, and you plan to lose 3 pounds a week, then divide three into 50 for the number of weeks (17) it will take to reach your goal. Now, go to a calendar and count to 17 weeks to mark your goal date.

It's not enough that you know in your head what your goal is. You have to write your goal down to make an impression in your brain. Then, post it--so that you can look at it every day.


2. Make a Diet Plan

Make a plan. How will you lose the weight? Are you going to count calories? Are you joining a group? Are you planning to just eat less food? Write down a sample day of eating. Then, most importantly, see if the food you are planning to eat is available to you. See yourself losing weight by dieting. Do you need to go shopping? Are there plenty of your healthy favorites in the house?

Write down everything you eat--everything! Everyday of your diet, write down every bit of food you put into your mouth.

NOTE: Weight Watchers gives no or low points for fruits and vegetables. When I worked for Weight Watchers, I'd see people, who succeeded on the plan, soon learn they could eat more by having fruits and vegetables as their primary food source, so they did. If you want to be losing weight by dieting, you have to do what works for most people; it will work for you, too.


Refrigerator Propaganda 

Keep Track of What You Eat

Samuel Johnson 

Advertise losing weight to yourself! We always hear that we see too much advertising for unhealthy food on television. And, yes, we are influenced by that advertising. So, we have to counter that with some ads of our own. Place motivational pictures and slogans where you will see them daily, on you bathroom mirror, in your car, at your desk, on your kitchen counter, everywhere! Make a collage of your favorite healthy, low-cal foods and display it. Don't worry about being obvious. Your friends and family know you are overweight. They might be more sympathetic if they see your effort.


Increase your raw food intake. Raw calories are not really the same as cooked. If you ate only fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, you'd lose weight very quickly. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables by replacing cooked ones. Strive for 5-a-day raw. Cooking removes water from food which is why most diets recommend that you increase your intake of water. Raw food retains its water. 


Make snacks part of your plan.  Bag your snacks. It is a good idea to begin the habit of carrying healthy snacks when you leave the house. Eat them when you are hungry and tempted to stop for fast food. This worked well for me when I had an office job where my co-workers would come in everyday with a box of donuts and set them on my desk for me to take to the break area. I began packing almonds and carrot sticks. It worked!



Set up a system of rewards for yourself, and write it down. After the first 10 pounds, go to the movies (w/o popcorn & soda), or take a day off, or relax in a bubble bath, or buy a new pair of shoes, or something that pleases you that doesn't involve food. Do not reward yourself with food! You can have mini-rewards and a big reward when you reach that final goal.


3. Exercise

 The dreaded "E" word: Exercise. There, I said it, the "E" word. Yes, I know you don't enjoy that so much, but it must be done to end up with a healthy, skinny you. Losing weight by dieting alone is tougher than exercising.  Start slow and build. Push yourself a little farther each week. Make exercise and losing weight a prioity. My sister-in-law parks her car a mile from work, forcing her to walk two miles a day. So, there are ways for all of us to squeeze exercise into our day. Just do it!

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