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"If the Barbie doll were full size, her measurements would be 39-23-33; she would stand 7'2" tall, and she would have a neck twice the length of a normal human's neck."

That Book by Mitchell Symons  

The Barbie Image

Wendy Lam

Diet Visual Aids

We all need weight loss visual aids to keep us focused on our weight loss goals. Whether we need to loss a lot or a little weight, the barbie image in our heads can be daunting without helpful visual aids.

Advertise to You

All day long we are bombarded with advertisements that tell us to eat fattening, salty, sweet foods. We need to visually counter that with a few ads of our own. Make a collage of healthy foods you love to eat. You could include a thin person on it to remind you why you want these healthy foods. A good location for your collage is hanging on the refrigerator. Put it at eye level or close to the door handle so that you see it whenever you go to open the door.


Refrigerator Advertising

Success Reminder


Best Diet Visual Aids

This also makes a good refrigerator advertisement for you. Find a picture of someone else who has made the journey. It would be best if the body type of your model is similar to your own, so you can relate (thick thighs? big middle?).

If you have a picture of you as a thin person , use it! The "thin you" is inside of you. Seeing a picture of you thin will help you to think of why you were thin then. What did you eat then? How active were you? Why then and not now?


Weight Loss Goals

Your weight loss visual aids should include the journey to your goal. It helps if you sit down and map out a plan for yourself. Get a calendar and set a goal date, then determine when you should reach mini-goals along the way, like losing the first 10 pounds. Draw your path from your start to your finish. Is your goal to be able to fit into a swim suit? Mark that at the finish line. Is it that you can fit into a dress size for a special occasion? Put that at the end. You decide what will work best to get you from the beginning to the end. Draw it by hand and not on the computer. Put it in the kitchen where will see it daily, like on the counter.

Walking with Friends

Philip C.

Chart Your Plan

Include Exercise Images

Some of us don't eat too badly; we just don't exercise enough. What image will get you off the couch? Is there a particular sport you like? Do you enjoy walking or bowling or yoga? Search the Internet or magazines for images of physical activity that motivates you. Then, put that image on top of the television or on the couch to remind you that you need to move.

"The thing about performance, even if it's only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities." Daniel Day-Lewis, British Actor.


Weight Loss Reminders

Notes can also be weight loss visual aids. Make them positive. Notes are very effective if well placed. So, put them everywhere! Include notes that remind you of your goal. Put them on your bathroom mirror. Put them on the dashboard of your car. Put them on your lunchbox or your computer. Put them on your television or couch. One thing some of your notes should say is "I am a thin person!" You need to repeat the notes when you see them to remind yourself often. Put up notes that motivate you and keep you motivated.

Change the locations of your notes and other visual aids whenever you start ignoring them. Never give up!


Daily Reminders

Alan Cleaver


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