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Restaurant Temptations

If you are like me, you just need to be in the same room with food to gain weight. This is even truer in restaurants. Don't you just love it when you are struggling to stay strong on your diet, and you enter a restaurant to see and smell a spectacular array of desserts? Restaurants want us to forget about that diet, and they are using pretty persuasive arguments. Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, authors of Skinny Bitch, recommend that we stay away from restaurants for a month…if only we could! In this article, Restaurant Temptations and Tips for Dieters, you will find tips to survive restaurant dining.

 Before You Arrive

  • Before going to a restaurant, if you have an opportunity, eat something. Not at home? Carry a light snack in your purse, car, or pocket, like raisins. This way you won't be starving when you get there.
  • Wear a belt and tight clothing. Expandable pants are out if you want to curb your appetite. The tight clothing will make you feel full sooner.
  • Bring a reminder. People used to tie strings around their fingers when they wanted to remember something. You can wear a piece of jewelry, like a bracelet or a ring, as your string. Tell yourself of its significance when you put it on, then, touch it often as a reminder.

 Have a Diet Plan

  • Plan ahead. Know that some restaurants will have the desserts by the entry. Enter through a side door or just focus away from them. Start a conversation or just admire the decor.
  • When chips or bread is brought to your table, move them out of arms reach. Don't rely on will power to keep you from eating these high carb foods.
  • Focus on the other people at the table instead of the food. Bring something to look at to talk about like pictures or a book. Change the subject if someone else is talking about food. Prepare for conversation in advance.


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Bring a Distraction

Be Prepared for Restaurant Temptations

  • Plan ahead for alcohol or have none. Drinking alcohol causes us to lose some of our inhibitions and use bad judgment, causing us to forget our commitments to our diets. Keep in mind that alcoholic drinks could have quite a lot of calories.
  • Plan for the calories in this restaurant meal. Eat less in the days before this meal.
  • Restaurant foods tend to be much richer than foods we make at home. Dieters should choose a meal with no sauces or with clear or red sauces. Marinara is much better than a cream sauce.
  • When your food arrives, and it is twice as much as you would allow yourself on your diet, have the waiter immediately put half of your meal in a box for you to take.
  • Eat your veggies. Remember, vegetables are lower in calories than any other food and full of fiber that will fill you up. Only avoid them if the restaurant adds calories to them like cream sauce.
  • Get your salad dressing on the side. Don't pour the dressing over your salad. Instead, dip your fork into it, then, stab your salad. You will enjoy your salad more and still feel you are getting dressing with it.

Choose the Water with Lemon

citrus and candy

Go for the Salads

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  • When choosing where to sit in a restaurant where a buffet is served, find a seat far from the buffet table. Studies have shown that heavy people choose tables closer to the buffet table. Being farther away will help you focus on conversation instead of food.
  • Survey the buffet before getting in line to find the least fattening foods to put on your plate. This is one of my best tips for restaurant temptations and tips for dieters. If you can, fill your plate with raw fruits and vegetables first. If you can't, remember the healthier options that you plan to put on your plate and save lots of room.

Family and Friend Buffets

  • Learn to say, "No thanks." Family and friends who have worked to prepare wonderful, fattening food for you will put a little pressure on you to eat more. But, just say, "no."
  • It is even more important to remember to socialize at social gatherings. It should also be easier. Just don't relax so much that you fall into old, familiar habits. Remember, distract yourself: socialize, socialize, socialize!
  • Feel free to use the excuse of not eating by saying, "I am on a restricted diet." It is true. When they ask why, say, "I'd rather not say," or something like that, then, change the subject.
  • Do not fall victim to the "just a taste" mentality! This is not a good idea. It just reminds you of your old eating habits and calls you back. This is especially bad if the taste is a taste of sweet dessert since sugar sweetness is addictive.
  • Bring food you can eat, like a veggie tray or fruit bowl.

Focus on Conversation

Bring Food You Can Eat

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When the Going Gets Tough

  • If you are in a situation where you can't control what food is available, like jury duty or your boss ordering a pizza because you're working late, remember to just eat enough to satisfy your hunger and no more.
  • If you are choosing healthy salads over heavy meals, you may think you are paying too much money for too little. Lose that feeling! As a thinner, smaller person, you will be saving lots of money on food.  The real pay-off will be the new, thinner you.  Keep that thought in your head.

There may be a time when restaurant temptations will win. Accept this momentary lapse and get back on the wagon. If you have to dine out often, review these restaurant temptations and tips often to keep you strong through it all. The day will come--you will be thin!


The Boss Orders Pizza

Jet City Pizza

If you are always prepared with snacks in your purse or pocket when a hunger attack strikes, you'll have a far better chance of staying on track.  Even if you are somewhere, like work, when someone presents you with something mouthwatering, unexpectedly, just whip out your baggie of snacks.   


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