Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

"I look in the mirror, and what do I see?"

A strange looking person who cannot be me;

For I am much younger, not nearly so round,

As the face in the mirror that I just found.

Oh, where are the mirrors that I used to know,

Like the ones of twenty years or so ago?

All things have changed, and I'm sure you'll agree,

That the mirrors are not as they used to be!"

Unknown Author


The Weight Loss Problem

Losing weight has to start with the way we see ourselves and the way we talk to ourselves. True, we have to evaluate our current situation in order to change. Yes , we need to know that we are overweight, so we can lose weight--shed those excess pounds.

The Way We See Ourselves

The problem is that once we recognize and evaluate our overweight body, we tend to continue to see only the problem and not the solution. This is truer of women than it is in men. Men can turn on any television show or go to almost any movie and see heavy men with thin, beautiful women. Women seldom see heavy women portrayed as attractive or with a handsome man in the movies or on TV. Often when men look in the mirror and think, "Oh, I'm gaining a little weight; I need to take care of that," the bad image doesn't attach.



See the Inner You

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Years ago, I read about an interview that a journalist had with Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was done right after Mr. Schwarzenegger had just won either Mr. Universe or Mr. Olympia, the youngest man ever: age 20. The journalist asked Arnold what he planned to do next in his life. Arnold's answer would have caused the journalist to laugh out loud had Arnold not been so physically intimidating. He told the journalist that he planned to become the next American movie superstar. Maintaining his composure, the journalist asked how he planned to accomplish that. Arnold said he would do it in the same way that he won the body building competition. He would mentally visualize himself as a movie star.

Seeing Ourselves as Thin

He has been quoted as saying, "The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100%." As we know, he not only became an American movie superstar, he married into one of the most prominent American families, and became Governor of California.


Become What You Think

See Yourself as the Swan


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We See What We Think

 Harijs Stradins

Ugly Duckling


Focusing Too Much on our Overweight Problem

Overweight women see an ugly duckling when they look in the mirror. Instead of carrying an image in our heads of our thin selves, we start carry an image of an unattractive, fat person. We start to feel less valued as a person. That sometimes plays out in our daily lives. My daughter was recently with some business women in a restroom, and the only thing they seemed to be able to focus on was their weight. Do you think business men do that?

The "Fat" Image of Ourselves

Once we put the "fat" image in our heads, we continue to live up to that image . We are and we become what we think we are! We have to start seeing ourselves differently.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

What You See is What You Are
Danielle Vereeken

Change the Image in your Head

The next time you look in the mirror, see yourself differently. In fact, if you have a photo of yourself as a thin person, tape it to that mirror, then, remind yourself daily: "That's me." Always keep the thought of the thin you in the present tense . I don't know why, but our brain does not understand "will" like we want it to. You must say, "I am that thin person," to get the correct image in your head.

Mental Weight Loss

It is easy for us to imagine that Arnold Schwarzenegger is/was somehow fundamentally different from us. Not true--he grew up with no special privileges, went through the same teenage drama that most of us experience, and had no real reason to believe that the image in his head--the image he perceived to be real--would ever come to pass. He was able to transform himself again and again because he made himself believe that he was actually already living the life he chose to pursue.

Acheiving Weight Loss

For weight loss, we need to change the way we see ourselves. Imagine yourself as the thin person you are. That is who you are! As that thin person, you exercise to stay fit. As that thin person, you stay away from fattening foods. You eat like the thin person you are, the one in your head. As you see yourself as thin and live your life as that thin person, you will become what you tell yourself--what you know you are!



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