How to Stop Overeating


If you are very much overweight, your normal indicators to stop eating may no longer be functioning properly. You have a weight loss problem because you can't stop overeating. So, you may need to self-regulate your intake until your body begins telling you when to stop eating, like it should.

How do you do this? Start by planning your daily menu and include at least two hours between meals and snacks. In other words, if you are eating breakfast at 7:00 A.M., then, have a snack no earlier than 9:00 A.M. Plan what you will eat, then, stop when you have eaten that. Adjust your daily menu each day, at first, to make it work.

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Our Fat Cells


This is why losing weight is so hard for so many of us: "If a person with a normal number of fat cells stuffs them full of fat by hearty eating, it will show up only in plumpness. But an individual with 3 times as many fat cells, eating the same amount of food, has 3 times as much room to store fat. If each cell is filled, obesity results. And, such an individual must show 3 times as much vigilance at the dinner table to keep the army of fat cells only 1/3 full and remain just pleasantly plump." Dr. Edward Howell, Enzyme Nutrition (p.112)

Our Sugar Habit


It is not so much that we are eating more, but that we are eating more sugar! Refined sugar has no nutrients including chromium which helps manage levels of sugar in our blood.

We hear over and over again that a calorie is a calorie. This just isn't true! Dr. Robert H. Lustig, M.D. has discovered that refined sugars in general and, specifically, high fructose corn syrup are not the same as eating other foods.

Why? Refined foods like white sugar have empty calories , so the body receives this high caloric intake and begins looking for the nutrients. When no nutrients are present, we get hungry because our body wants us to nourish ourselves, even though we just ate a lot of calories. This is even truer with high fructose corn syrup. Dr. Lustig says that this sweetener does not stimulate insulin . Fructose adds calories but does not suppress the hunger hormone . So, you may drink a large soda full of calories and feel as though you've had nothing. To make matters worse, high fructose corn syrup is in everything because it is cheap. Try finding a loaf of bread without it, for instance.


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All Calories are NOT the Same

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Cooked vs Raw Foods


Another reason all calories are not the same is the nutrient value of the food we eat. Weight loss and overeating are a problem if most of what we eat is cooked. Cooked foods have been chemically changed through heating. When that happens, starches are released in the food, and they digest differently in our bodies than raw foods.

Our raw fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients, including live enzymes . So, our body does not crave more nutrients when raw food calories are eaten. If the fat cells demand more food, eat it raw to satisfy your body's nutrient requirement.

Cooked foods have no live enzymes that aid with digestion, so our body has to use its own energy. This loss of energy needs to be replaced, so we get hungry sooner.

How do I know that we gain weight from cooked food? Dr. Howell tells us about weight gain and feeding farm animals. "Technical men in the business of extracting the maximum profits from farm animals found it was not economical to feed hogs raw potatoes. The hogs would not get fat enough. Cooking the potatoes, however, produced the fat hogs that brought the farmer the kind of money required to make a profit. This in spite of the extra expense of labor and energy involved in cooking." Enzyme Nutrition (p.107)



Bottom Line: Recognize that you have to regulate eating habits, fat cells will keep you hungry, eliminate sugar, and eat more raw foods. As a weight loss advisor, I saw that the people who lost the most weight and kept it off were the ones who changed their diet to make it full of fruits and vegetables.

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The Truth About Overeating

Addicts are told that they need to recognize the problem before they can overcome it. Here's the problem with weight loss and overeating:

  1. Our self-regulating mechanism is not telling us when we are full--when to stop eating.
  2. Our fat cells want to be filled. We can eat more than thinner people because of those starving fat cells.
  3. Sugars, especially high fructose corn syrup, are adding calories (empty calories) that our body doesn't recognize or recognizes but wants more nutrients--making us hungry.
  4. Cooked food will add more weight. Eat more nourishing food to get more calories in your diet. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables; they are loaded with nutrients!



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